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Lake Elsinore Estate Sale

Happy almost weekend!!! We are currently hosting phase 1 of our Lake Elsinore estate sale closing at noon today and we will be here tomorrow/Saturday until noon too. You will find some primitive antiques and beautiful cottage furnishings as well as many lamps and small.


We are finalizing the staging of our first phase in an exciting sale starting Wednesday in Lake Elsinore. The sale has some amazing pieces. Mostly antiques and vintage. Very unique pieces and many of them!! Can’t wait to see you out there!!


We’re happy you found Estate Sales Made Easy!

It’s our mission to make planning and executing your estate sales and consignments needs meet and easy for you.

We take the physical and emotional out of liquidating your  unwanted items.

We  organize, set up, stage and price everything at a fair price through our knowledge, research and our access to a variety of Consultants for specialty items.

We provide all the personnel and security for your sale.

And, after your event, we give you several options for the unsold items.

For every event, we will do extensive marketing — utilizing the power of social media, local print advertising and email marketing to a list of interested buyers.

We charge a percentage of sales so there aren’t any up front fees.

At our sales, we not only accept cash, but also Visa, Mastercard, Discover and at no additional cost to you.

Avoid the pitfalls of do it yourself sales.  Most often various sentimental items are overpriced and never sell, while some items are under priced and vast profits are lost.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Thanks for your interest in Estate Sales Made Easy!



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